Sustainable & Organic Landscapes

Switching to organic fertilization is not really more expensive than using a chemical approach. Using organic fertilizers is a long-term approach where over time, the results get better and better as the costs become less and less. Creating a sustainable garden, where the plant materials are fed from a healthy soil foodweb, produces a garden that in not too long a time needs very little additional inputs to maintain its balance. The keys to implementing a successful organic lawn plan are time and consistency. Organic lawn care is not an overnight solution; we find that transitioning a lawn from a conventional program to an organic one can take up to three years. Once the transition period is through, you'll have a healthy, green, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance lawn. Yes, in essence, we are putting ourselves out of work in the future, but as you become more pleased with the results you achieve in your yard, the more likely you will refer us to help your neighbors, and they will see for themselves what is attainable on their properties.



Landscape Installation

Planters | Flower Beds | Retaining Walls | Patios | Walkways | Pathways | Steps | Real Lawns | Sythnetic Lawns | Drainage | Irrigation | Dry River Beds | Low Voltage Lighting

Crafting a harmonious outdoor space requires a balance of aesthetics and functionality, and our team at Hedahl Landscape is committed to achieving just that. Through our comprehensive landscape installation services, we aim to transform your property into a haven of natural beauty while ensuring optimal functionality for everyday use. Guide your guests through the beauty of your garden with our meticulously designed pathways and steps. Each step is both safe and visually pleasing. Introduce an element of tranquility and design. Dry river beds not only assist in drainage but also add an artistic touch to your garden. Illuminate the beauty of your garden day and night. Our low-voltage lighting solutions highlight key features of your landscape while ensuring safety. We work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that every element, from flower beds to lighting, echoes your personality and meets your needs.

Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio



Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio

Landscape Design & Concepts

Design Build | Drafting | 3-D Renderings | Unique Designs | Artistic Designs

Our passion lies in transforming spaces into picturesque landscapes. With Hedahl Landscape, you are not just getting a service, but an experience. Our process involves deep collaboration with our clients, understanding their needs, desires, and dreams, and then translating those into a design that's both functional and enchanting. Our integrated approach allows us to manage both the design and construction phases. This holistic method ensures consistency from the conceptual stage to the final installation. Visualize your future garden before a single stone is laid. With our advanced 3-D renderings, you get a virtual walkthrough, helping in making informed decisions and tweaks before construction begins. Beyond function, there's form. Our team consists of artists who infuse each project with creative flair, ensuring your garden is not just beautiful but also a piece of art.



Sustainable Landscaping

Organic Landscapes | Efficient Landscape Concepts | Soil Biology | Storm Water Management | Right Plant Right Place

In today's world, it's essential to consider not just the aesthetic and functional aspects of landscaping but also the environmental impact. At Hedahl Landscape, we bring forward a new dimension to garden design that blends beauty with responsibility. Through sustainable landscaping, we pave the way for a brighter, greener future for the next generations. We believe in nurturing nature, not conquering it. We utilize organic practices, avoiding chemicals that can harm the environment. This approach ensures that your garden is not only beautiful but also a healthy space for you and local wildlife. Maximizing beauty doesn't mean sacrificing efficiency. We integrate designs that utilize resources wisely, from water-saving irrigation systems to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our philosophy at Hedahl Landscape is clear: create landscapes that serve both the client and the environment. We understand the intricate balance of nature and work towards landscapes that are in harmony with their surroundings.

Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio



Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio

Rain Gardens & Rainwater Harvesting

Water is one of our planet's most precious resources. Its conservation and sustainable use are not just environmental concerns but also vital for our communities. At Hedahl Landscape, we recognize this importance and have developed specialized services to harness nature's gift while enhancing your outdoor space. Rain gardens are not just visually appealing; they play a pivotal role in the ecosystem. These gardens act as natural filters for stormwater, capturing runoff and allowing it to slowly percolate into the ground, reducing pollution and erosion. The idea is simple yet profound: capture rainwater and store it for future use. Whether you're using it to water plants or as a backup during dry spells, harvested rainwater reduces dependence on municipal supplies and lowers your water bills. With Hedahl Landscape, you’re choosing a partner who understands the delicate balance between nature and design.



Waterfalls & Fountains

Pondless Water Features | Bog Garden

Our custom-built waterfalls can transform a dull space into a dynamic landscape. Whether you prefer a natural-looking waterfall that mimics a mountain stream or a sleek and modern design, we'll craft it to perfection. If space is a concern, or you prefer less maintenance, a pondless waterfall might be the perfect solution. It offers the soothing sound and visual beauty of a waterfall without the need for a pond. Fountains can serve as stunning centerpieces or subtle additions to your garden. From classic tiered designs to contemporary art pieces, we offer a wide range of options. A bog garden is a wet, spongy area that can be an incredible habitat for specific plants and wildlife. They can be created alongside other water features or stand-alone. From design to installation, every aspect is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio



Landscape Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio

Wood/Fiberglass Arbors, Trellises, and Fences

Add charm and structure to your garden with our wood and fiberglass solutions. At Hedahl Landscape, we understand that these elements not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space but also provide functionality. Our range of arbors, trellises, and fences is designed to suit your needs and preferences, combining aesthetics with high-quality craftsmanship. An arbor creates a beautiful gateway to your garden or a focal point within it. Whether you desire a simple wooden structure or an elaborate fiberglass design, we have both! Trellises provide support for climbing plants, adding height and interest to your garden. Wood and fiberglass arbors, trellises, and fences provide more than just structure; they enhance the beauty, functionality, and individuality of your garden. Whether you're looking for an inviting entrance, support for climbing plants, or a private space, our team at Hedahl Landscape is committed to bringing your vision to life.




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With our EcoPRO certification, you're not just receiving a quote for services, but a promise for sustainable practices that respect our planet and your home. Every project, big or small, is approached with the best sustainable landscape management practices.




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