Concrete Paver Design & Installation

Permeable Pavers | Patios | Driveways | Pathways

The beauty and functionality of your outdoor space are often determined by the subtleties of design and the quality of installation. At Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio, we are dedicated to providing premium concrete paver designs and installations that enhance the appeal and usability of your space. Our collection of pavers offers a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, allowing us to create unique and bespoke designs tailored to your aesthetic preferences. Our permeable pavers not only look fantastic but also contribute to environmental sustainability by allowing water to seep through, reducing run-off, and recharging groundwater. As recipients of numerous landscape awards, our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake.

Deck & Patio Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio


Deck & Patio Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio

Deck & Patio Combinations

Outdoor Living Spaces | Creative Backyard Designs | Unique Combinations

Imagine a seamless transition from your home's interior to a serene outdoor oasis where every element, from the decking underfoot to the sky overhead, comes together in perfect harmony. At Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio, we specialize in creating such spaces, merging decks and patios into combinations that promise functionality, beauty, and a touch of luxury. We view decks and patios not as isolated structures but as extensions of your living area. Each design is meant to enhance the overall flow of your home. From raised decks with paved patios underneath to ground-level patios with adjoining wooden decks, the combinations are endless. Our designers work closely with you to curate a space that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. A well-integrated deck and patio combination can be the centerpiece of backyard gatherings, quiet mornings, and starlit evenings.


Custom Patios

Artistic Patios | Unique Patios | Creative Patios

Our portfolio boasts a myriad of custom patios, each reflecting the homeowner's personality and the home's architectural essence. From intricate patterns that tell a story to minimalistic designs that soothe the soul, our range is as vast as the imagination can stretch. What makes our patios truly unique is the craftsmanship. Each stone is meticulously chosen, and every pattern is crafted with precision. Our team ensures that not only is every patio a work of art, but it's also durable and resilient, standing the test of time and weather. Understanding the evolving needs of homeowners, our patios are designed with adaptability in mind. Whether you're hosting a grand outdoor party or seeking a quiet retreat, our patios mold to your needs. Additionally, we prioritize sustainability, using materials that are eco-friendly and sourced responsibly.

Deck & Patio Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio


Deck & Patio Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio

Custom Deck Resurfacing

Artistic Decks | Unique Decks | Creative Deck

Resurfacing isn't just about aesthetics, though that's undoubtedly a significant benefit. It's also about safety and longevity. A resurfaced deck means addressing potential issues like rotting wood or loose nails before they become hazards. It's about ensuring that your deck remains the haven it's always been. Every deck tells a story. When we undertake a resurfacing project, we view your deck as both a canvas and a testament to its history. With our team's expertise, we bring forward the essence of what your deck once was and elevate it to what it could be. Whether it's introducing intricate patterns, vibrant color palettes, or even integrating sustainable materials, the possibilities are limitless. In the rainy Washington climate, decks face a plethora of challenges, from moisture to fluctuating temperatures. We ensure that the materials we use for resurfacing can withstand these challenges, offering not just beauty but durability too.


Concrete Patios

Walkways | Pathways | Driveways

Concrete doesn't just offer durability; it provides a clean, sleek look that can be customized to fit any aesthetic for walkways, pathways, or driveways. From stamped patterns that mimic natural stone or brick to colored concrete that adds a vibrant touch, the design possibilities are endless. In the diverse Washington climate, having a patio that can withstand the elements is crucial. Concrete is resistant to weathering, ensuring that your outdoor spaces remain impeccable regardless of the weather. Whether it's rain, sleet, or snow, a concrete patio is built to last. Concrete, as a material, is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its longevity means fewer replacements and its production has a lower carbon footprint compared to other materials. Plus, its reflective nature can help in reducing heat absorption, providing a cooler outdoor space in warmer months.

Deck & Patio Services with Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio


Custom Design Build

Design Drawings | 3-D Renderings

Navigating the journey from a simple idea to a tangible outdoor living space can be overwhelming. At Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio, our Custom Design Build service transforms this journey into an exciting adventure. Our team collaborates with you, employing design drawings and cutting-edge 3-D renderings, to ensure that your envisioned outdoor space becomes a reality. With design drawings and 3-D renderings, you'll get an almost-real feel of the final result. This not only ensures alignment with your expectations but also allows for any tweaks or changes in the early stages. A seamless integration between the design and build processes ensures quicker project completion. The synergy between our design and construction teams ensures that every detail, no matter how minute, is accounted for. Trust in Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio for the best approach to outdoor living. From conceptualization to realization, we're with you at every step, ensuring a space that you'll love and enjoy.




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