Waterfalls, Firepits, Patios and Retaining Walls

"Hardscape" is a word to describe surfaces or things that don't relate to plants or soil. Hardscape features, such as retaining walls and patios are somewhat "buildable" by yourself, however it is the critical components that most people struggle with to achieve the end result that lasts, looks professional, and stays put. Our professionals can ensure that the final result not only looks great, but that it will be sustainable over time.

Make Your Yard a Visual Delight!

Site conditions relating to soils, stability, compaction and drainage are often not dwelt with properly, and are often not considered or implemented appropriately by many contractors, either!  These little issues add up to expensive repairs and unhappy people when not addressed before or during construction; and unfortunately do come with a slightly higher cost up front, but will help to keep unforseen costs at bay, and eliminate 'surprise change orders'. 

Hedahl Landscape specializes in creating unique and inspiring hardscapes for you to enjoy. We use top-quality sustainable materials and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work we do, and that is done right! We refuse to cut corners on quality, and that ensures beautiful, long-lasting results. Your landscape stays healthier and is sustainable, your hardscape lasts longer and your investment grows over time -- with much less maintenance required!

We don't disappear after the job is finished, either. We pride ourselves on our emphasis on customer support, instructing our customers on the proper methods to ensure their landscapes look nice for a long time. We gladly answer any questions you may have after your project has been finished.

  • Fountains and firepits.
  • Waterfalls and rockery.
  • Water features for create soothing effects.
  • Waterfalls with lighting for evening entertaining.
  • Pools and waterfalls provide beauty and serenity.
  • The soothing sounds of waterfalls.
  • Water features enhance your backyard experience.
  • Turn your property into a perfect outdoor living space!
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