Synthetic Turf: Beautiful & Low Maintenance

We constantly hear the same complaints: "My yard is a mess"... "I can't get my grass to grow"..."There are too many tree needles"... "The dog tracks the mud into the house"... etc.

When Hedahl Landscape started working with synthetic lawn turf and putting green turf several years ago, it quickly became a solution and a wonderful addition to our business offerings.

Excellent for the Environment!

• No toxic chemicals or fertilizers to make kids & pets sick

• Ideal for sensitive areas where runoff from chemicals can enter waterways

• Eliminates pollution and emissions from lawn mowers

For more info on synthetic turf, visit DreamTurf.com

Synthetic turf is such a beautiful and helpful solution to mud, poor soil and light conditions and hard-to-grow (or mow!) areas. It is very soft, like real grass, and like real grass, comes in many different styles -- many that aren't suitable for our Northwest yards.

Sports turf doesn't look or feel at homse on a residential lawn, and neither do many of the lawn turfs available that are "southern-style" grass look-alikes. Dream Turf, the only local, synthetic turf company, located in Snohomish, Wash., has developed a natural-looking turf that looks and feels at home in our Northwest yards. It is one of the only turfs available that was developed exclusively for residential and dog applications, not a spinoff of sports turf. Let us show you a sample and offer you a free quote for your yard!

  • Synthetic lawn installation on the Bainbridge waterfront.
  • The family dog loves the new Dream Turf installation!
  • BEFORE: A dry, parched lawn needs help.
  • BEFORE: This yard had been scorched by the heat, and was a hassle to keep green.
  • AFTER: A beautiful new synthetic lawn means no mowing or watering!
  • BEFORE: This small, overgrown yard was difficult to maintain for its owners.
  • AFTER: A new synthetic lawn never needs mowing or watering!
  • BEFORE: This waterfront home was plagued by an unsightly, weedy lawn.
  • AFTER: With a synthetic turf lawn and some attractive perimeter rockery, they enjoy the view without the work!
  • There was no access to this lawn for mowing, so synthetic turf was the ideal answer!
  • This yard was heavily shaded, so real grass struggled to grow. The synthetic turf lawn needs very little upkeep.
  • A synthetic lawn with a mound for the dog!
  • A synthetic lawn installation and sustainable landscaping means this property will always be beautiful!
  • A synthetic putting green means hours of fun with little or no maintenance.
  • The owners of this waterfront home have a beautiful, no-maintenance front yard. More time to play!

Low Maintenance:

→ No watering, fertilizing, aerating or mowing

→ No pests such as crane flies or moles

→ No worries about moss or diseases

→ You can spend the time you'll save with your family!

doggie daycare synthetic lawnDogs Love Synthetic Turf!

Kitsap Canine Services hired us to install synthetic turf in their backyard, and they love it... and so do the dogs!

Have a Pet Care Facility or Animal Hospital?

Your 'patients' would love synthetic turf. We have special discounts for you! Call us at 360-340-1141 to find out more.

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