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'Hardscapes' is a word to describe surfaces or things that don't relate to plants or soil. Hardscape features include components such as retaining walls, patios and firepits. These features are somewhat 'buildable' by yourself, however it is the critical components that most people struggle with to achieve the end result that lasts, looks professional, and stays put. Our professionals can ensure that the final result not only looks great, but will be sustainable over time.

Below are examples of our work in these different types of hardscapes. Call us for a design consultation and quote for your next project!

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Patios and Walkways


concrete patiopaver patioPatios and walkways made from concrete look great and are long lasting. They hold up to any kind of weather, and will not deteriorate like natural wood or tile. Concrete finishes come in a variety of patterns and colors, including stamped, textured, exposed aggregate, colored or broom finish.

To see a closeup view of the stamped concrete, click on the photos.



paver walkwaypaver-walkwayPavers can make an ordinary patio or walkway look extraordinary. There are many textures, colors and patterns to choose from, and we can help you choose the perfect paver for your installation. Turn your walkway into an appealing, durable surface with pavers!

To see a closeup view of the pavers, click on the photos.


Permeable Pavers

permeable paver patioPermeable paver walkwayPermeable pavers are not only attractive, but have the added benefit of allowing water to permeate through the gravel between the pavers, rather than be forced to run off the entire surface. This allows for quicker drainage and faster drying than typical paver patios or walkways.

To see an installation of the permeable pavers, click photo.

Watch this video to see how we seal permeable pavers with an anti-fungal agent to prevent mold and keep the gravel in place.

Watch this video to see how permeable pavers allow water to permeate through without puddling, no matter how hard it rains!

Watch this video to see how the gravel around each paver stays in place when a blower is used to clean off the permeable pavers.

Watch this video which provides a look at key preventative and restorative maintenance methods for several commonly used permeable pavement options.



concrete drivewaypaver-concrete drivewayWhether you want a smooth concrete driveway, an aggregate driveway or a combination of concrete and pavers, Hedahl can create the right look for you at the right price.

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paver drivewaypaver drivewayAdd some sophistication to your driveway with a paver driveway, or even a combination of concrete and pavers. Not only will it make your driveway look gorgeous, but the pavers allow water to run off faster.

To see a closeup view of the paver driveways, click on the photos.


Turf Grid

Turf gridturf grid after yearTurf and grass pavers are hollow pavers used for the construction of permeable pavements. They are installed using plastic grid systems, concrete grids or soil enhancement technologies as the base.

Grass/turf pavers begin with a grid-like structure, sometimes referred to as a ‘honeycomb’ system.


Retaining Walls


concrete retaining wallconcrete wall and stepsConcrete retaining walls hold back hillsides, preventing erosion. They also provide terracing for property situated on a steep slope. Lights can be added for night illumination and safety.

To see a closeup view of the concrete retaining walls, click on the photos.



Manor Stone Brick

manor stone brick wallmanor stone brick wallManor Stone Brick walls not only provide stability to slopes and terracing, but they're a beautiful addition to your property! There are many patterns and colors to choose from, and we can help you choose just the right look for your home.

To see a closeup view of Manor Stone Brick, click on the photos.


Allan Block

Allan Block wallAllan block wallAllan Block walls are yet another way for you to add an attractive retaining wall to your garden or sloping property. There are a number of colors and sizes available.

To see a closeup view of Allan Block, click on the photos.




Boulder Accents

boulder-accentsBoulders or large rocks can give definition to your landscape, and function as retaining features without the need for an actual wall.

To see a closeup view of the boulder accents, click on the photo.





stone stairspaver stairwayStone or paver stairs give your property a whole new level of sophistication and beauty. And, these stairs are not only attractive and functional, but are extremely durable in every type of climate.

To see a closeup view of the stairs, click on the photos.




Pressure Treated Timber Walls

pressure treated timber wallBuild beautiful stairs and retaining walls for your garden with pressure treated timber. This rustic look fits right in with organic landscaping and requires very little maintenance.

To see a closeup view of the pressure treated timber wall, click on photo.


Raised Garden Beds

concrete retaining wallconcrete wall and stepsLet us help you design a garden that fits your site and your style. Growing vertical increases harvest and protects your garden from pests and diseases more effectively! Here are a couple ideas.

To see a closeup view of the garden beds, click on photos.

  • This retaining wall adds structure and beauty.
  • This curved synthetic deck will withstand any kind of weather and look great!
  • This paver patio adds a sophisticated touch to this backyard.
  • A cozy, sheltered half cat-half dog enclosure.
  • Combine a firepit, paver patio and waterfall for a perfect outdoor relaxation spot!
  • Paver patio with stone steps add a touch of class to this yard.
  • A retaining wall and trellis will  make this section more attractive.
  • A new synthetic porch and curved concrete landing enhance the home.
  • A beautiful water feature to accent any yard!
  • An attractive fence and gate entrance for security and functionality.

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Firepits, Fireplaces & Outdoor Kitchens

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firepit with water featurefirepitEnjoy the beauty and warmth of a fire with your own firepit. Combine that with a water feature, a hot tub or other landscaping to create a serene outdoor living space.

To see a closeup view of the firepits, click on the photos.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoyment is yours in a backyard with a beautiful outdoor fireplace. These brick and stone fireplaces radiate warmth and provide hours of comfort and ambience for entertaining guests or just your own relaxation.

Outdoor Kitchens

Entertain guests in outdoor luxury with these beautiful brick outdoor kitchens! Complete with oven, grill, countertops and lighting, create the perfect ambience on your patio!

Water Features

Rainwater Harvesting

Think of this as a below-ground pond or storage tank utilizing a pond liner. Capture and utilize the rainwater from your roof for watering your plants, washing the car, or supplying a waterfall or stream.  These can be built to almost any size you like, and can be designed for different applications, including under a permeable paver patio.


waterfall-1waterfall-2Waterfalls and streams are much easier to clean and care for when they are pondless. Water can come from a buried tank, or by utilizing rainwater harvesting. And you don't need to worry about drowning or safety! Click on photos to see detail.


fountain-1fountain-2Drill a hole in a rock, or build a fountain in a raised planter or pot. Have fun with water!

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Wood and Fiberglass Projects


deck-1deck-2Why settle for plain, square or boring? Stretch your imagination and see the curb (and use) appeal go up!

For a more detailed look, click the photo.


Fiberglass Arbors

fiberglass-arbor-1fiberglass-arbor-2Fiberglass is the best choice for arbor material, and is far superior to vinyl, wood or steel. It won't crack, warp, or split, and can be painted any color. We work with an American specialty custom fiberglass arbor company. Let us show you samples and more photos! Click on photos to see detail.

Wood Arbors/Trellises

wood-arbor-1wood-arbor-2In addition to being ideal for creating shade, arbors and trellises are fantastic focal points that draw you to a space. Click on photos to see detail.



fencingfence-2We design and install custom fences and panel screens from wood, chainlink, or other materials. Shown hear are a couple samples of our work. Click to see detail.