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Advantages of an Organic Lawn

Although both organic and chemical fertilizers will supply the basic nutrients your plants need, it is via completely different approaches.

Switching to organic fertilization is not really more expensive than using a chemical approach. Using organic fertilizers is a long-term approach where over time, the results get better and better as the costs become less and less. Creating a sustainable garden, where the plant materials are fed from a healthy soil foodweb, produces a garden that in not too long a time needs very little additional inputs to maintain its balance.

The keys to implementing a successful organic lawn plan are time and consistency. Organic lawn care is not an overnight solution; we find that transitioning a lawn from a conventional program to an organic one can take up to three years. Once the transition period is through, you'll have a healthy, green, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance lawn.

Yes, in essence, we are putting ourselves out of work in the future, but as you become more pleased with the results you achieve in your yard, the more likely you will refer us to help your neighbors, and they will see for themselves what is attainable on their properties.

You'll Get Expert Results

Organic lawn care is far more than just using a number of natural products. We have spent years figuring out the best way for your lawn to reach its full genetic potential without using chemicals. IF it were that easy, every lawn would be organic.

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